Monday, August 17, 2015

Stamped Tea Towels

I'm in love with these vintage looking stamped tea towels. 
I might just make them for all my friends and family!
I had bought a pack of these simple IKEA dish towels a long time ago 
with good intentions to do something fun.
While browsing through Pinterest, which I do often
I found something that inspired me to finally get to work with these towels.
I grabbed these supplies; foam brush, fabric paint, foam stamps and cardboard (empty cereal box).
 I love this new fabric paint I found at Hobby Lobby.
I chose the Navy Marine color.
I laid out my stamps in my desired position on my tea towel...
I added paint to the foam letter stamp...
With the cardboard behind my towel I stamped all the letters on in place.
I just love the outcome and it really took me very little time to complete all four towels.
The possiblities are endless in terms of the themes and words you use. 
Think of holidays, family names, favorite dishes etc.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Patriotic Painted Ball Jars

Do you need something to sprice up your table for the 4th of July? 
These Patriotic Painted Ball Jars are the perfect thing!
I started out with three Ball Jars and painted one blue and two white. Two coats each.
I taped off sections, to create stripes and painted two more coats of red on the white jars 
and random white stars on the blue jars. 
After about 24 hours when the paint was good and dry, I sanded the jars lightly to remove some of the paint and reveal that classic Ball Jar. I love this vintage feel!
To seal the jars and prevent the paint from chipping off, 
I sprayed a light coat of this Rust-Oleum clear laquer.
I love how versitale these jars can here I played the up with some  
festive Amercian things I already own.
This would be a great project for kids to help you with too!
And something you will enjoy for years to come.
You don't have to wait for the 4th to pull them out, the red and white stripe is cute just on it's own!
Think Memorial Day, Labor Day or what about opening ceremonies for the Olympics!
Happy Birthday America!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Gallery Wall

 I've been dreaming about creating a Gallery Wall for a long long time.
Dreams do come true. Haha!
I started out by gathering some old frames. Some I had and some I bought. 
Some were black and some where not...
Once I had the desired amount of frames (clock, mirror, letter) 
I measured the area of the wall where I planned to hang my Gallery Wall.  
I layed everything out on the floor and figured out what pictures were going where.
Once I had my desired lay out, I traced each frame onto paper and hung them on the wall so I'd know where I planned for each to go.
A few of my favorite things I added to the wall. 
Our wedding invitation and a cute little clock (that I found on clerance!)
This frame is from a thrift store. I painted it black and added our important family dates.
 I picked my favorite pictures and our whole extended family is represented 
(including our parents, siblings, neices and nephews).
I chose different style and sizes of frames. All in black. 
Some with a black mat and some with a white mat. 
This one takes us back to Florence, Italy in 1997!
Each one reminds me of sweet times, here Tyler as a ring bearer in my brothers wedding.
And our cottage in watercolor and printed in 8x8.
One of the best parts about my Gallery Wall, I used very few nails! 
Instead most of the frames are hung with these 3M Command hangers.
Check the packages instructions, 
there are several different kinds of hangers for different kinds of pictures.
This is an example of what it looks like on the wall. 
When you pull the little rubber strips at the bottom it comes off the wall nice and clean!
 One of my favorite additons is this Paper Mache "M"
 I painted it out with black craft paint and hung it up with the Command hanger.
 And you know I used a coupon on this! Gotta love the big impact for low cost.
Some of my personal tips for creating your own Gallery Wall:

  • Choose one color frame (black, white or brown) Keep them all the same
  • Use different size and styles of frames
  • Gather your favorite pictures, old and new
  • Add a couple unexpected items like clock, mirror, letter, wedding invitation, family dates
  • Hang frames close together (this is easy to do with the 3M Command hangers)
  • Decide if you want to do all color pictures or black and white (I have one black and white photo)
  • Have fun and don't worry so much about it being perfect!

Friday, May 29, 2015

DIY Orb Chandelier

Y'all, this may be the best DIY to date!
The Orb Chandelier!
Not only does it look great, the time and money I spent was so minimal! 
I had admired similiar chandeliers in catalogs.
                             For something about the same size at Ballard Designs would cost $399!
I found my metal Orb at Target in the garden section. 
The large was $39.00 and the small was $29.99, 
but I just happened to grab it when it was on sale! Score for me!
This is what we had hanging in the foyer and hallway of our house. 
I'm sure it was installed by the builder back in the 80's and it was time for it to go!
I took the chandelier down (after I turned off the power!) and took it all apart. 
The only thing I didn't keep was the glass surrounding the lights.
I cover the electrical part of the light to protect it from the overspray of paint and set it aside while I worked on drilling a hole in the metal garden orb.
I used these glass and tile drill bits that I already owned.
 I started out with the smallest bit. Slow and Steady.
Then I pulled out the biggest bit I owned to create a large hole. 
I needed something that would allow me to fit parts of the previous light fixture through the hole.
This next part is a little hard for me to explain, so I tried to take pictures along the way. 
Basically I put the whole light fixture back together (minus the glass casing).
Here comes the fun part, spray painting the whole thing.
Do you like my special "technique" of hanging it in the tree?!
I sprayed it several times, 30-45 minutes in between each coat.
I used Rusteoum Oil Rubbed Bronze.
I brought it back inside. Connected all the electric wires, added the light bulbs and then some crystals.
You could order some crystals (3 of them) for $35 OR you could buy them at Hobby Lobby
(and use a coupon) and get double the amount for less money!
I just love this extra touch these crystals add!
I love the way it turned out. It's totally chic. 
Way better then what we had before. 
It really was an easy project with a great impact.
I have a large one in my foyer and a smaller one in the upstairs hallway. 
It's got to be one of my favorite things I've ever upcycled!