Wednesday, February 26, 2014

DIY Mirrored Nightstand IKEA Rast Hack

I have admired mirrored furniture for a long time. I finally had to take a stab at "doing it myself!"
I love the height of these tables and all the storage in the drawers 
(currently I think some of the drawers are still empty! What does one put in drawers beside the bed?)
 I am absolutely in L O V E !!! 
 The family and I made a day of it at IKEA to purchase two of these RAST dressers, $30.00
(perfect bedside table size!)
 I put both dressers together in less than 30 minutes (and no extra pieces either!)
I went to work (along with the help of my brother-in-law) adding trim to each drawer front. 
I used this .25 x 1.5" Lattice for the trim around the drawers and sides (and again on the top piece).
I painted the entire dresser white after sinking the nails and puttying the holes.
The next part was by far the trickiest and most time consuming. Instead of having mirrored glass cut 
(I priced it out and it was way to expensive for my taste and this project), 
I decided to make my own antiqued mirror fronts using the same technique that I did here.
I had the glass cut to size and then spray painted one side with my mercury glass finish.
Ok I lied. The next step was the trickiest! Drilling holes through glass!!! My husband and I read a bunch of tutorials and then used some scrap glass to practice on. Our first two attempts we ended up breaking the glass right before we drilled all the way through.
 Our third practice piece was a success! And the rest is history! The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.
 I drilled a couple large holes in the backs of the drawers for storage like this!
After much debate and a returned board, I went with this Pine-Edge glued panel for the top.
I trimmed it out with the same lattice I used on the drawers.
It looks great with a couple coats of paint. I may end up getting a piece of clear glass cut for the top.
But for now I'm pretty thrilled with the outcome.
We used a piece of "fancy" trim for the bottom and the sides.
If you're planning to do the same thing, you really can use just about anything.
Be warned, mitering edges is so NOT fun! But we did it!
I haven't been this happy with something since the Rustic Farm House Table!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Stacked Wood Frames with Burlap Bow

A couple of things you might already know about me.
 I love painting wood. 
I love burlap. 
And I love photography. 
I combined my love of these three things and came up with this:
A stacked wood picture frame with a large burlap bow!
I gathered the following supplies. 
Two frames, a foam paint brush, paint, wood glue and burlap ribbon (all from Hobby Lobby).
The frames were fairly cheap, and even better when I got them on sale 40% off!
After I painted both frames and lightly distressed them around the edges.
 I added wood glue to the small frame and glued it to the larger frame.
I just love this great big loose burlap ribbon. 
It's so easy to make a nice big bow and hot glue it to the top of my new stacked wood frame.
 I think I might make a dozen of these for various locations around my house. 
And maybe a few for some friends!
Wood frames do not include glass. 
However you can find a piece of glass from another frame (Dollar Store) or have one cut.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Personalized Painted Mug

Baby, It's cold outside! Even in North Carolina. 
I got the girls together, along with a couple of their friends 
and we crafted up some new personalized mugs!
 We used the following supplies; Oil-based Sharpie's (I got mine at Hobby Lobby). 
It's very important that you use oil-based paint markers (like these Sharpie's) 
otherwise it may come off when you run it through the dishwasher.
 White ceramic mugs. I found these at Wal-Mart. 
Use of an oven in a well ventilated space.
 I cut jumbo plump letters with my Silhouette. But you can use a scrapbooking sticker too. 
 Apply the sticker to the center of the mug, burnishing the edges. I made sure that I placed the letter so that it would be facing out when I was drinking. You may not prefer to do it this way though.
 I started with the silver pen and placed dots all around (and a little over) my letter.
 Making sure not to go too fast, or you will end up with little lines and not dots!
 After I added the right amount of silver. I added red. And then added a little more silver and then a little more red. Until I was happy with the shape and the amount of dots.
 How cute is that! I think it may even make the hot chocolate taste better!
 We used a different color combination for each person in our family.
 Before you go ahead and boil your water for your own hot chocolate, 
you'll want to bake the mugs in an oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. 
This will help the paint to "bake" onto the mug and resist wearing in the dishwasher.
I left them in the warm oven (turned off) for a couple of hours as well.
These would make great gifts, party favors or a craft for a birthday party!
Enjoy and stay warm!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Jewelry Stand from Terracota Pots

I am lovin' this fun, new and easy jewelry stand from simple terra cotta pots!
Before I show you exactly how I put this whole thing together, look at some of the other great uses:
I painted some of the acorns to match my fall decor.
Or how about some rocks and coffee beans. Oh the aroma!
But my favorite is for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. 
It's so nice to be able to slip things off and add them to my colorful display!
So now I'll show you how I did it!
 I bought three terra cotta plates at Lowes
 and three coordinating pots.
 I used Gorilla glue to adhere them together. I decided not to use the little pot in the end.
 After the glue was dry I painted out the whole thing with some craft paints
(you know the kind in the little bottle!)
I used some a glaze I had mixed up a million years ago, called Tobacco Stain.
I rubbed it all over the pots and plates.
I love the finished look. 
This was such a easy project and it look absolutely adorable with all my jewelry on it!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A few of my Favorite Things

I've been slacking off a little on posting... but that doesn't mean I'm not creating! Until I can find some time to share with you what I've been up to I hope you can enjoy some ideas from December's past:

You've probably already started decorating your home (and maybe you're done!) 
but this would be the perfect addition, FREE Subway Art created by me for you!
For the details and colors, head over to my post on Christmas Subway Art here.

I love a good DIY craft copied from an expensive something store bought. 
That's exactly the case of this festive Yarn Balls.

Tonight we set up our Hot Chocolate Bar for the 2nd year. You too can do this at your house!

See all my details here

For a couple years I've planned a little party with just our family. 
You too can throw your own Grinch party!

Next week I'll post some great DIY Christmas gift ideas!